Lisa Marie Hutson

2019 Emmy Award Winner

News Anchor






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Seek Truth and Report It
It is my duty as a journalist to seek and report truthful, accurate information fairly, honestly, and with integrity. I believe in making every effort to obtain all sides to the story and keeping my personal bias from interfering with my interpretation of all information obtained in every story I report. I am obligated to act with courage, poise, and professional integrity in pursuit of the truth for the sole interest of the public’s right to know. 
Minimize Harm
I am keenly aware that the collection and reporting of information for the public’s interest has the potential to cause harm to the subjects and sources involved. I must act with compassion, empathy, and sensitivity fully listening and reporting each side from an unbiased perspective balancing the public’s right to know with the undue infliction of harm it may cause. 
Act Independently
Under no circumstances should my obligations as a journalist shift from the public’s interests to that of any private person, entity, or corporation in exchange for any monetary reward. I take tremendous pride in unbiased, ethical journalism, and will not alter any truth or fact for any private interest or monetary reward. 
Be Accountable
Above all, I believe in holding myself accountable for the journalism I present to the public. While I am well-intentioned, I am also human and expect to be held accountable for any mistakes made in pursuit of the truth along with proper action taken to defend against similar mistakes in the future. I believe in acknowledging and correcting news coverage that is found to be harmful, untrue, or misleading to the public to ensure transparency – communicating those infractions directly to the public in a timely and effective manner.